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Do B.Tech evening also considered as a regular course?

As per AICTE and UGC  B.tech Evening Program is similar to full-time courses in many ways.  The government introduces this course on the concept of full-time courses itself. Evening Program also includes Practical Classes and Lectures similarly to regular engineering courses. This program is especially for the people who work and want to pursue graduation along with their jobs.  UGC and AICTE believe that technical studies must include practical knowledge. That’s the reason B.Tech Distance education is not valid as per both the organizations.

B.tech Evening

We can say as per MNCs and Government Job standards  B.Tech Evening degree is equally valid as regular courses.

In brief, If you have an evening program degree then your application will be equally treated for job opportunities in MNCs, Government Sectors and Foreign Countries.

Many People misunderstood the B.Tech evening program with B.Tech Distance. You should be aware that B.Tech in Distance Learning is not valid as per AICTE and UGC. Instead of that B.tech Evening program is approved by AICTE and UGC.

So, If you are a diploma holder or a working professional go ahead without any worry and enroll in B.Tech Evening Program.

B.tech Evening

In Delhi NCR, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is providing this golden opportunity. It is a saying that we should never stop learning if we want to grow continuously.  Shaping your skills enhances your future and leads you to the doors of success.

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Tech Evening academics is very much similar to the regular courses only the difference is that you can also earn along with this course. Weekend Classes are also available in B.Tech Evening Program.

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