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Part time engineering course with practicals

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B.tech evening program fulfills both mission that is Practical as well as theory. Is it true?

Yes, Definitely this is 100% true. You will have the facility of both theory as well as practical classes in Part time engineering course. The part time engineering courses in india is approved by UGC & AICTE and accredited by NAAC. Study patterns of this program is very much similar to full-time courses.

Education management in India is improving every single day. UGC and AICTE believe in the benefits of Indian Youngsters in all ways. These organizations’ mission is to save students from being dragged into scam courses like b.tech distance education. These kinds of distance technical courses are totally banned by UGC and AICTE because of the horrible study patterns. As we all know that engineering courses are all about theoretical knowledge integrated with practical knowledge. But distance courses are banned because they don’t provide any practical knowledge in their study patterns.

Part time engineering course

Job  Opportunities for B.tech evening      

Top MNCs companies, Government Sector Jobs and Foreign country companies believe in the fact that practical knowledge in engineering courses is definitely required. Specially for technical courses like B.tech. These organizations are also aware of the fact that courses like B.tech Distance learning are fake and not approved by UGC and AICTE.  Also, Students having the certification of distance learning not have any practical knowledge in academics. Hence these job sectors not hire individuals with technical degrees in fake distance learning programs.

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So, If you are a working professional and diploma holder and want to pursue work and engineering together then choose to join the B.Tech Evening program.  It’s a safer option for you. After being a graduate in the engineering Evening program you will be eligible for MNCs jobs and job opportunities in foreign countries. Not only that you can also grab a job in the Government sectors.

All course programs include practical’s in the study patterns. You can choose among the following programs for Part time engineering course in Delhi NCR region.


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